If you haven’t heard of TikTok Shop yet, you soon will. It’s the biggest breakthrough in online business since Amazon, and getting in now it could make you very rich.

My name is Casey Powell, and I personally sold $210,378 last month in my TikTok store, just 8 months after I started. And everything I’ve seen so far tells me …

…TikTok Shop Leaves Amazon For Dead

I’ve been selling on Amazon for 12 years, but now I love my TikTok Shop far more because it:

  • Makes sales in under 48 hours… without waiting months to improve your search ranking.
  • Gets your product in front of tens of thousands of potential buyers … without a cent on advertising.
  • Gets people with hundreds of thousands of followers to promote your product for you for instant sales.
  • Only charges you a tiny 3% commission on each sale instead of the 20% Amazon steal from you.
Even more exciting is how there are 1 billion users on TikTok - more than double Amazon and eBay combined.

And they’re not just kids. Every age demographic are on TikTok, and the platform pinpoints exactly who will be a perfect candidate for your product and gets it in front of them. 

Best of all, sales on TikTok Shop exploded over 400% last year to over $20 billion. And it’s only warming up.

All this makes right now the perfect time to get started.

I’m running a FREE online training session on getting up and running … finding hot products to sell … and quickly and easily finding influencers to promote them for you.

Here’s some of what you’ll discover on this FREE online business summit.
  • How to get started selling on TikTok Shop, even if you’re a raw beginner with no technical skills. If you’ve tried listing products on Amazon or setting up an eBay store you’ll know what I mean.
  • Easy ways to find lucrative products to sell on TikTok Shop for maximum profits in minimum time.
  • My secret system to finding influencers with hundreds of thousands of followers to promote your products for you. HINT: Pay them from your sales and they’ll push your products harder.
  • ​Time poor? Get other people to do all the hard work for you, and your TikTok Shop business grows in under 42 minutes a day.
  • ​Already got an Amazon business? You’ll discover a way to use TikTok to increase sales of your Amazon products by as much as 50%. And if you’re not on Amazon, you might want to list your products there too and get your hands on this free money
  • ​Never run a business before? You’ll discover how easy it is to find products … list them online … and get popular influencers to promote them for you

Perfect For Ambitious Newbies And Existing Amazon Sellers

You’re getting a simple way to start your new business on the easiest and most profitable platform in the world.

And if you have an Amazon business? If they don’t buy from your TikTok Shop they’ll find your Amazon store instead. Sales to my Amazon store soared 50% when I listed the same products on TikTok.

And you’ll be in front of a whole new audience who are cashed up, ready to buy.

How’s that for an unfair advantage?

It’s a way for you to finally start your own lucrative side-business in your spare time … and replace your 9-5 income.

And I’ll reveal everything on this FREE event.

P.S. Where will you be in 30 days if you choose not to join this event?

Probably still working for an ungrateful boss, most likely doing the daily commute … but not having any choice because life’s expensive and you need the money.

You might even be frustrated trying to get your Amazon, eBay or Shopify up and running.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Instead you could be making sales on TikTok Shop by finding hot products and getting other people to promote them for.

And be on your way to your first $5,000 month.

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